Major activities of DAUM CORPORATION

  • 1998 DAUM Corporation Established

    1998 Lotte Department Store (Daum Brand)

    2005 Elégance License contract

    2006 Elégance Grand Open

    2007 2001 Newcore Outlets department

    2011 Entered Lotte Plaza

    2014 Entered Hyundai Department Store

    2016 Arrived at AK Plaza

    2017 Elégance brand global acquisition





  • Daum co., LTD. Is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of handbags, belt and small leather goods operating and having over 100 stores in Korea for 15 years.

    We are engaged in the license business and deals world-widely with its brand name and trademarks 'Elegance'.


    We are waiting for partners wish to use certain trademarks of the LICENSOR for the design production, marketing, sales and distribution of certain products in your territory.



    [Contact information]

    - Office Manager : LIM kun kyu

    Daum Co., LTD.

    450(Myeonmokdong) Nyeonmok-Ro, Jungnang-GU, Seoul, Korea

    TEL : 82-2-3422-6881~3

    FAX : 82-2-3422-6885

    Mobile : 82-10-4134-8455

    E-mail :